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Join the thousands of successful traders who rely on Track Data products. Take advantage of our free 10-day trial period on the product of your choice.

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Track Data Corporation provides market data, financial information, quote systems and trading platforms that give both professional and individual traders the edge they need to succeed.

The hallmark of Track Data’s products and services is fast, reliable technology built by outstanding software engineers in conjunction with investment professionals who have years of stock and options trading experience. In short, we deliver trading solutions.

Solutions for
Professional Traders

Reliability and integrity have made Track Data’s data, tracking and execution solutions the industry standard.
Professional Traders

Solutions for
Individual Traders

Individual traders, including day traders, can trade like the pros using Track Data’s applications and data services.
Professional Traders

News & Research

Track Data’s news service provides comprehensive, fully indexed, up-to-the- minute news & quotes on stocks, options, futures and more.
Professional Traders