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Our History

Incorporated in 1981 under the leadership of Barry Hertz, Track Data Corporation’s first line of business was options data for Wall Street firms. Throughout the 1980's and early 1990’s, Track Data expanded its services for professional traders introducing new products, such as FastTrack, that offered equities quotes, charts and real-time news, and continuously updated its products and refined the technology used to deliver data to clients.

In 1998 Track Data launched its consumer market data software, myTrackedge, an internet market data product modeled after professional screens, but designed for individual traders. 1999, the firm opened its own broker/dealer, Track Data Securities Corp., and enhanced myTrack to offer consumers the ability to execute trades with a single click and to allow them control over the routing of their equities and options orders.  

Since 2000, the firm has expanded and enhanced its myTrack product line to offer a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), a web-based platform, expanded trading hours and additional routing sources. In 2002, Track Data launched its ECN platform. In addition, the Company has introduced updates to the OpTrack application and added additional data services.

Significant Corporate Milestones

  • 1981 Entered the marketplace offering options data to Wall Street firms on DOS based system designed to find mispriced options and rank opportunities in clear, crisp displays
  • 1986 Introduced MarkeTrack, (subsequently renamed FastTrack) a consolidated data feed quotation system for professional traders combining market data on equities, options, futures, news, charts and a variety of third party content services with a window through which clients could access OpTrack
  • 1988 Introduced FastTrack-MX, a pc based version of FastTrack that offers considerable speed advantages as well as composite display quotes, theoretical values and other enhancements
  • 1990 Introduced OpTrack, an enhanced option tracking system, with the capability to use many different spread options
  • 1992 Offered a UNIX version of FastTrack-MX
  • 1994 Formed Global Market Information Systems to market its retail consumer products and went public. Later that year acquired AIQ Systems, producer of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based stock market analysis and charting software for individual users on personal computers
  • 1995/6 Introduced FastTrack MX-NT and a windows version of MX
  • 1996 Merged Track Data Corporation and its professional market data services into Global Market and renamed it Track Data Corporation (and remained a public company)
  • 1998 Entered the consumer market with the introduction of myTrack Edge, an internet based market data product modeled after professional trading screens, but designed for individual investors
  • 1999 Became a direct access broker/dealer (through a subsidiary, Track Data Securities Corp.) and expanded myTrack Edge capabilities to include a point & click trade execution function.
    Introduced a citrix version of FastTrack-MX
  • 2000 Gained full ownership of NewsWare, a company in which we previously owned a partial interest. NewsWare produces NewsWatch, a sophisticated market intelligence tool. NewsWatch continuously scans newswires using proprietary filtering techniques and delivers consolidated news headlines to the desktop
  • 2002 Created Track ECN, a state-of-the art Electronic Communications Network that enables traders to display and match limit orders for stocks, offers smart order routing technology, routing to major markets and direct connections to major markets
    Introduced proTrack, a windows-based execution and market data platform designed for the professional trader
  • 2005 Introduced Track Notes News
  • 2006 Redesigned the front end of the OpTrack application to give it a more user-friendly look and feel, while maintaining the integrity of its data and functionality
  • 2007 Introduced IR Notes and AIQ News
  • 2008 Introduced, a web-based version of myTrack
  • 2009 NewsWatch added audio functions and electronic trading funds (EFT)
    Released myTrack Edge version 7 with updated user interface and enhancements to the option display and monitor functions