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Our NewsWare division consolidates and delivers news and information from hundreds of sources worldwide. And, that’s just for openers. NewsWare offers a complete end-to-end solution—the only source you need for real-time news and information distribution.

NewsWare news services come in two formats:
  • NewsWatch, a Windows-based service brings news to your desktop in a highly customizable format
  • NewsWare API is available in multiple languages and can be used for Algo trading, within Front End Systems or Websites. With the full API set, you can customize the presentation of news and integrate the power of NewsWatch with in-house proprietary applications. All NewsWatch features are supported through the API library. The NewsWare API custom OCX provides support for interfacing to the NewsWare server. Included with the software is a complete programmer's reference manual.
Coming soon! — an online version of NewsWatch you can access from the road or use even if you cannot download an application.

What makes NewsWare news services unique?

Scope of Information

NewsWare draws on hundreds of national and international news sources, including general newswires, financial newswires (such as Dow Jones), press release wires, SEC filings, and newspapers, specialty wires as well as easy, one-click links to thousands of web sites. In addition, NewsWare offers premium financial content such as upgrade/downgrade alerts, technical alerts, Wall Street Events, financial TV transcripts and market commentary—all via one connection.

Speed of Delivery

NewsWare offers the fastest and most robust real-time news, information filtering and full-text search service available. Get information within microseconds of its release or search our archives for historical information.

Custom Filters & Alerts with Easy-to-Use Search Functions

Mountains of information are useless unless you can find what you need, when you need it. NewsWare allows you to create custom filters and Alerts. Search or define Alerts by symbol, key word or phrases, or use our TOPIC feature, Boolean or Fuzzy Logic techniques.


NewsWare also offers an optional, customizable API and OCX tool kit, allowing you to customize the presentation of news and integrate it with your own applications.


Built-in redundancy provides an unprecedented level of protection, minimizing the possibility of missing important information.  Track Data’s Ticker Plant, the heart of the NewsWare news system, is unparalleled for its fail-safe options.

Vendor Consolidation

NewsWare’s consolidated high-speed ticker offers you the fastest news delivery plus easy redundancy along with vendor consolidation. This ticker gives you access to several news, quote and database services.

Organization-wide Solution

NewsWare supports various applications / interfaces that allow your organization to post custom content for internal audiences on a national or international scale.

Learn More

To learn more about NewsWare news services visit our web site at or call 212.509.9700.